About Birdwatching Nation

Welcome to birdwatchingnation.com, where we delve deep into birdwatching, bringing insightful articles, essential guides, and honest product reviews to fuel your passion for nature’s avian wonders.

Mission Statement

Our Epic Mission

We aim to inspire the world with the magic of birdwatching. Our mission is to encourage everyone to step outside, embrace nature, and embark on a journey to discover the rewarding world of birdwatching. 

We hope to foster a community of nature enthusiasts through informative, engaging, and heartfelt content.

Our Story

Founded during the 2021 pandemic, Birdwatching Nation blossomed from a newfound appreciation for the birds visiting our backyards. 

At a time when stress and anxiety were constant companions, the simple act of birdwatching became a profound meditation. This daily ritual reminded us of the continuity of life and the rhythms of nature that persist even in the face of human adversity.

What began as a personal source of solace and connection to nature has since grown into a platform uniting birdwatchers from corners far and wide.

With every article, guide, and review, Birdwatching Nation endeavors to recapture and share that feeling of wonder with the world. From humble beginnings, our community has taken flight, growing and connecting bird enthusiasts across the globe. 

Through every word we write, we share a piece of our heart, our love for these incredible creatures, and the peace they bring into our lives.

Who We Are

Birdwatching Nation is built upon authenticity, trust, and a shared love for birds. Our team combines personal experience, thorough research, and a commitment to delivering factual, unbiased content. Get to know us!

Jon Henderson – Owner & Content Creator

An avid nature enthusiast since childhood, Jon brings a passion for animals and a personal touch to every piece. When not writing, you’ll find Jon outdoors, appreciating the sights and sounds of nature.

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Katie Henderson – Owner & Content Creator

An avid bird lover, Katie brings a passion for birdwatching and bird feeding with detailed, hands-on reviews of birdwatching products and tips. Katie’s thorough research ensures our audience always gets the best recommendations and advice for feeding and attracting birds.

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Together, we strive to create an informative but also personal, warm, and welcoming space. Every article is written carefully, every product is reviewed with integrity, and every reader’s query is answered enthusiastically. We’re more than just a blog; we’re a community united by our love for birds.

Our Responsibility

Our Editorial Integrity:

  • We stand by the authenticity of our content. Each piece we publish is evidence-based and backed by thorough research.
  • In our reviews, we remain unbiased. Our recommendations come from a genuine belief in the product’s value, not influenced by brand partnerships.
  • Transparency is key. Every fact is supported with credible references, ensuring our readers can validate our findings.

Ethical Monetization:

While affiliate marketing aids us in maintaining the site, our relationship with brands doesn’t compromise our integrity. We work with fixed commissions, ensuring no bias. Our primary goal is, and always will be, to serve our audience’s best interests.

Conservation Commitments:

Birds aren’t just a subject; they’re a commitment. We champion the importance of avian conservation, emphasizing the significance of treaties like the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Together, we can create a world where birds fly free.

Connect With Us

Be part of our flock! Engage with us, share your stories, or drop a line. And if you’ve got feedback or suggestions, email us at feedback@birdwatchingnation.com. We’d love to hear from you!