Can Birds Eat Cheese? Is It A Gouda Idea?

Do birds eat cheese

As a backyard birdwatcher, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering new food to feed our feathered friends. But have you ever wondered what’s on the menu for these little creatures?  While seeds, nuts, and suet cakes are considered staple foods, we often find unconventional items in our kitchen that we think our birds would love.  … Read more

Can Birds Eat Bread Or Is It A Half Baked Idea?

Can birds eat bread

Bread has become a food source that is synonymous with feeding birds. We are all familiar with the typical movie scene of someone sitting on a park bench feeding bread to pigeons. Since I am curious about what I can provide my backyard birds, it makes me wonder, Can birds eat bread, or should we … Read more

Can birds eat salted peanuts? What danger if any does it pose?

Can birds eat salted peanuts

Most bird lovers know that some bird species enjoy eating peanuts, which offer loads of nutritional benefits for the birds. However, many people are unsure what types of peanuts are suitable for birds to eat and which are not. Peanuts are often salted to make them tastier for people, but can birds eat salted peanuts … Read more

Can birds eat dry dog food? The Answer May Surprise you!

Can birds eat dry dog food

Most animals instinctively know what food is good for them and avoid unhealthy foods. What about manufactured food that does not look like natural food for pets or backyard birds, such as dry dog food? Can birds eat dry dog food, and is it good for them, or should you avoid giving them this type … Read more

Can birds eat quinoa as part of a healthy balanced diet?

Quinoa is a nutritious grain for humans and is considered a super grain for its health benefits. If it is a nutritional food source for humans, can birds eat quinoa since seeds and grains often make up the bulk of their diet? Can Birds eat Quinoa? Yes! Birds can eat quinoa as it has many … Read more

Can birds eat cheerios? The Answer my surprise you

Can Birds eat Cheerios

Birds eat a varied diet, much as we do. Like humans, some items birds like to eat are not particularly good for them. I want to try new foods from the kitchen when we run out of regular bird seed, but can birds eat cheerios, and is this breakfast cereal good for them? Can birds … Read more