Can birds eat cucumber? Answered!

Can birds eat cucumber

If you love backyard birds or own a feathered friend as a pet, feeding birds is an important, rewarding, and satisfying part of your interaction with them. If you’re like me, I often run out of birdseed and routinely look around my house for alternate sources of food for my birds to eat until I … Read more

Can Birds eat Chia Seeds? The Answer may surprise you

Can Birds eat Chia Seeds

Bird lovers are constantly on the lookout for other foods to offer their birds, whether indoor birds kept as pets or feeding wild birds outside. Chia seeds are considered a superfood for humans, but can birds eat chia seeds too? Can Birds eat Chia Seeds? Most seed-eating birds can eat chia seeds, and these tiny … Read more

What birds eat mealworms? 11 Species that Enjoy A Good Meal

Mealworms are one of the most popular food sources for birds. Whether you’re offering up treats to your backyard feathered friends or trying your hand at enticing migratory birds into view, mealworms are an effective and delicious way to go. But what birds eat mealworms? Read on as we explore the bird species that love … Read more