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  • Bird and Nature Enthusiast: Jon Henderson, the writer and owner of Birdwatching Nation, is dedicated to creating captivating content for fellow bird and nature enthusiasts.
  • Educational Background: With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master's in Business Administration from Cumberland University, Jon combines his marketing knowledge with a passion for wildlife.
  • Simplicity and Accuracy: Jon's writing philosophy centers on thorough research to provide readers with accurate information, presented in a simple and personal manner.


As a writer and the proprietor of Birdwatching Nation, Jon Henderson brings his love for birds and the natural world to life through his engaging content.   His approach is rooted in simplicity and authenticity, ensuring that readers not only learn but also feel a personal connection to the beauty of nature.   Outside of his writing, Jon is an active outdoorsman. Whether he's exploring new trails with his family, traveling to different corners of the world, or simply reveling in the native wildlife, Jon's passion for the outdoors shines through in his work.   He believes that understanding and appreciating the wonders of nature can enrich our lives in countless ways.


Jon's educational journey includes a Bachelor's in Marketing and a Master's in Business Administration from Cumberland University.   This unique blend of business acumen and a deep love for nature sets him apart as a writer who not only informs but also inspires.


Beyond his writing desk, Jon enjoys an active lifestyle. He can often be found hiking through forests, observing birds in their natural habitats, or embarking on adventures with his family.   Jon's commitment to the outdoors and his passion for sharing its beauty with others are evident in everything he does.   Jon Henderson is not just a writer; he's a storyteller of the natural world, inviting you to explore the wonders of birdwatching and nature through his eyes.   Please let me know if you'd like any revisions or if you have any additional information to include.

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