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  • Bird and Animal Lover: Kate Henderson is a passionate writer and the owner of Birdwatching Nation, specializing in providing valuable insights and guidance on feeding wild birds and creating safe havens for them in your backyard.
  • Educational Background: With a background in Psychology from Trevecca Nazarene University, Kate combines her love for nature with her writing skills to engage and educate birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Simple and Honest: Kate's philosophy is centered on honesty and simplicity, making complex topics easy to understand. She aims to empower readers with knowledge, making them better informed about bird watching and bird feeding.


As the writer and owner of Birdwatching Nation, Kate Henderson is on a mission to make birdwatching and bird feeding accessible to all.  Her approach is refreshingly honest and practical, committed to providing readers with straightforward and valuable information. Beyond her writing, Kate advocates for animals, is an outdoor enthusiast, and is a devoted family person. You'll often find her outdoors, enjoying nature or spending quality time with her loved ones.  Kate's love for travel also fuels her passion for discovering new places and exploring the natural world.


Kate holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Trevecca Nazarene University, where her academic journey began.  While her formal education isn't directly related to ornithology, her unique perspective and commitment to simplifying complex topics demonstrate her ability to bridge the gap between science and practical knowledge. Kate Henderson's commitment to honesty, simplicity, and a deep love for nature shines through her work. Join her on the journey of discovering and appreciating the wonders of the avian world at Birdwatching Nation.  

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