9 Best Finch Feeders For Your Backyard

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Best Finch Feeders

If you’re an avid bird lover or just someone looking to add natural beauty to your outdoor space, then this curated list of the best finch feeders is for you.

This article explores the best Feeders for finches to transform your backyard into a bird-feeding hub.

Finches are a sight with their vibrant plumage and delightful songs and behavior. Attracting these charming little birds to your yard is a visual treat and an opportunity to connect with nature in your home.

We understand that choosing a suitable finch feeder can be daunting, with the plethora of options available in the market. That’s where we come in.

We have listed the top finch feeders that are favorites among backyard bird watchers and nature enthusiasts to help you make an easier decision.

9 Best Feeders For Finches

1. Glass Mason Jar Finch Feeder

The More Birds Mason Jar Bird Feeder combines rustic charm with practicality. With a large thistle seed capacity, this feeder is a timeless addition to any garden.

It’s easy to clean, and the sturdy metal construction ensures durability. The included hanger also makes installation a breeze.

We love this feeder for its simplicity and durability, but it’s worth noting to remember to take it down before a heavy, windy thunderstorm.

Glass Finch Feeder

2. Triple Tube Finch Feeder

You’ll feed the whole finch family more with this Triple Tube Finch Feeder. This feeder has three seed storage tubes and six horizontal perches to provide food for up to 24 finches.

The large-capacity tube feeders mean you will also spend less time refilling because they hold 3 lbs of Nyjer seed.

This Nyjer Feeder is great for attracting finches, such as goldfinches, that flock in large groups.


3. Finch Feeder With Flexports

This feeder is similar to your standard tube feeder but comes with flexports. The flexports allow birds to feed in a more natural position.

The flexible rubber cover prevents the seeds from clogging, allows for double feeding positions, and offers better protection from weather.

It’s easy to clean and is ideal for Nyjer seed, which is excellent for attracting finches.


4. Sock Finch Feeder

Finch Sock Feeders are simple and easy to set up. This one by Mr. Canary is inexpensive, comes in a pair, and is pre-filled with Nyjer Seeds.

My wife personally loves this product because you can set it up outside right out of the box, and it is made by American Workers with Disabilities.

These finch tube feeders are great for beginners, people who want a hassle-free bird feeder, and those who want a splash of color in their backyard bird feeders.


5. More Birds Sedona Screen Bird Feeder

If you are looking for a durable bird feeder that will undoubtedly attract finches with a large capacity for bird seeds, this is a great option.

It is pricier than the other feeders on our list, but the metal cover, tray, and feeding ports are weather-resistant and will last longer than the other finch feeders. This style is similar to other tube feeders and will attract finches all year round.

It features four feeding ports and can hold 3 pounds of bird seed, which means less refilling.


6. Droll Yankees Finch Flocker Feeder

This classic tube feeder is simple, easy to use, and perfect for attracting finches visiting your backyard.

This feeder has 20 ports, which allows for multiple birds to feed at once, and holds up to 3 1⁄2 pounds of bird food, which means less refilling from you unless you have a flock of hungry American Goldfinches visiting your backyard, in which case it may only last a day or two.

This Nyjer feeder also has an internal seed baffle that directs the Nyjer seed to the lowest level to ensure it empties and prevents seed build-up.


7. Wire Mesh Tube Finch Bird Feeder

This mesh thistle feeder features a unique mesh wire design that provides a larger feeding area for finches.

The larger area is perfect for finches to perch or cling to the mesh surface. It has a decent-sized thistle seed capacity and is durable enough to survive inclement weather, rust, and squirrels.

This is a great finch feeder for those wanting to attract many finches without purchasing much larger feeders.


8. Metal Mesh with Dome

This Kingsyard Metal Mesh feeder is designed to be sturdy, durable, and protective, so it can withstand the elements outside and keep seeds dry to last longer.

This feeder has two separate compartments for bird seed, allowing you to feed smaller birds with nyjer seed on one side and larger birds with sunflower seeds on the other. It’s also easy to fill and clean.

This is a great finch feeder for those who live in areas that get lots of rain or snow or for those who want a feeder that attracts finches and other bird species.


9. Window Finch Feeder

The MrCrafts Window Bird Feeder is a bird-watcher’s dream. This clever feeder attaches securely to your window, providing an up-close view of visiting birds like finches, cardinals, and chickadees.

Its crystal-clear acrylic construction offers an unobstructed view of your feathered friends while they dine, making it a delightful addition to any home.

Its generous seed capacity requires fewer refills, and the removable tray simplifies cleaning.

The feeder’s sturdy suction cups keep it in place even during heavy bird traffic.

While it is not necessarily only a finch feeder, it does make our list due to its unique design and versatile use. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an up-close view of their backyard birds.


Best Finch Feeder Review

We hope you have found our list of the best finch feeders helpful and has provided all the information you need to make a purchasing decision.

The most suitable finch feeder for you can turn your backyard into a haven of color, song, and joy.

Whether you choose a tube feeder, a hopper feeder, or a sock feeder, the key is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for these feathered friends.

Let us know if you have questions or have some finch feeders you would like to share on our list.

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