Do Crows Eat Rabbits? Are they a Caw-nivorous Opportunity?

Do crows eat rabbits

Most people are observant enough to see that crows are highly intelligent birds that tend to eat whatever they can find. We have often seen crows eating various small mammals, but rarely have we seen them eat larger mammals. So, do crows eat rabbits as a part of their natural diet? The question of whether crows eat … Read more

Why do owls hoot? 4 simple Reasons to know!

Why do owls hoot

Have you ever heard a deep, unmistakable hooting sound coming from dusk? Chances are it was an owl, communicating its presence with a distinct call that entices and intrigues bird watchers. But why do owls hoot? There are four main reasons why owls hoot. These hoots can be for territorial declarations, communications with a mate, … Read more

Do Crows Eat Squirrels? The Answer is astonishing

Do crows eat squirrels

Do crows eat squirrels? The answer to this question may surprise you. Crows are opportunistic omnivores that will eat various foods and prey on various animals, including small mammals like squirrels.  While it is not common for crows to actively seek out squirrels, they will attack and eat them if the opportunity arises. This blog … Read more

Do Crows eat other birds?

Do Crows eat other Birds

Crows are a common sight all over the globe, and many people consider them to be just nuisance scavengers. Most don’t know that they are opportunistic feeders and will prey on various food items they come across. This may include insects they find in the wild, fruits and berries in gardens, carrion on the side … Read more

What Do Crows Eat? A Comprehensive Guide

What do Crows eat

As a backyard birdwatcher, there’s nothing more fascinating than observing our feathered friends’ diverse and intricate behaviors. One bird in particular, the crow, has always piqued my interest with its intelligence, social behavior, and dynamic diet. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or just starting to explore the world of birds and their diets, you may … Read more

Do Birds Eat Wasps? 23 Species brave enough to do so

do birds eat wasps

The question of whether birds eat wasps is a fascinating one! The answer to this question is yes, but it depends on what type of bird we’re talking about. Honey Buzzards, Bee-Eaters, and Swallows are birds that eat wasps and wasp larvae and other flying insects such as bees, flies, and moths. This is because … Read more

7 Interesting Backyard birds that like shiny things

Birds that like Shiny Things

It is no secret that some birds are attracted to shiny objects. But did you know there are at least seven different types of birds that like shiny things? They range from the Bowerbird, which collects shiny objects for its bower, to the American Crow, which will investigate anything with a glint. This blog post … Read more

Unveiling their Secrets: Where Do Birds Go at Night?

Like many birdwatchers, you’ve probably marveled at the beauty and diversity of the feathered creatures that visit your bird feeders and baths during the day. But have you ever wondered what happens to these birds when the sun goes down? Where do birds go at night? Do they disappear into thin air, or do they … Read more

What do baby birds eat? What to feed them and what to Avoid

What do baby birds eat

A wild baby bird’s natural diet includes insects, worms, and small vertebrates such as mice, lizards, or amphibians provided by their parents in the nest. If you come across a baby bird in the wild, you may ask yourself, what do baby birds eat when considering whether to help and feed them. Before you do, … Read more