The 8 most common Woodpeckers of Arizona and 7 that are scarcely seen

Woodpeckers of Arizona

Woodpeckers have long been a common sight in Arizona. The Woodpeckers of Arizona are well-suited for the arid climate and can be found throughout the state. Woodpeckers can be identified by their characteristic markings, calls, and behavior. Woodpecker enthusiasts can increase their chances of spotting woodpeckers by learning about their habits and habitats. Eight species … Read more

25 Brilliant Backyard Birds of Arizona to look out for

Birds of Arizona

Arizona birds are synonymous with the desert and are some of the most exciting and unique birds in North America. The harsh sun and dry climate that Arizona birds live in make them so special. It’s no wonder that many people want to know what birds live in their backyard or visit their bird feeders. … Read more