10 Hawks in Iowa to look out for

Iowa Birds

Hawks in Iowa command the attention of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts with their incredible presence and impressive hunting abilities. With their powerful talons and keen eyesight, these birds of prey are a captivating sight against the backdrop of Iowa’s varied landscapes. Whether traversing the open prairies, exploring the woodlands, or observing from your backyard, encountering … Read more

7 Fantastic Woodpeckers of Iowa to see and hear

Woodpeckers of Iowa

Have you ever wondered which woodpeckers of Iowa you can see flying around your area? If so, you should know that seven species of woodpeckers can be spotted in Iowa throughout the year. The first six species on our list are more commonly seen than the last, and most can be seen year-round. What are … Read more

25 Awesome Backyard Birds of Iowa to watch

Backyard Birds of Iowa

Iowa is a great place for birdwatching. With its diverse landscape and varied climate, there are birds to be seen in every corner of the state. Iowa’s climate is suitable for birds because it has four distinct seasons, attracting a wide variety of birds. Iowa also has a wide range of habitats, like forests, prairies, … Read more