11 Fantastic Woodpeckers in New Mexico to spot

Woodpeckers in New Mexico

From the beautiful Ponderosa Pine Woodlands of the northern mountains to the dry Chihuahuan Deserts of southern New Mexico, bird life is abundant. Woodpeckers are a particular type of bird you can see throughout this diverse state. There are eleven species of woodpeckers in New Mexico, including some fascinating and unique birds like the Acorn … Read more

25 Diverse Backyard Birds of New Mexico to explore

Backyard Birds of New Mexico

The backyard birds of New Mexico are a diverse and exciting bunch. There are many species of backyard birds in New Mexico, thanks to the state’s varied geography and climate. Whether you’re in the high desert or the lowlands, there’s a good chance you’ll see some unique backyard birds. One of the reasons why New … Read more