8 Woodpeckers of South Carolina to see and hear

Woodpeckers in South Carolina

Woodpeckers are one of the most iconic birds in South Carolina. From their vibrant colors to their loud and distinctive drumming, woodpeckers bring a unique charm to the Carolinas landscape. Eight woodpeckers of South Carolina can be seen throughout the year. Of the eight woodpeckers in South Carolina, the first two are more observed than … Read more

25 Thrilling Backyard Birds of South Carolina for you to watch

Backyard Birds of South Carolina

If you’re a bird watcher or enjoy seeing birds in your backyard, South Carolina has what you need! The Palmetto State has a diverse range of bird species due to its location on the East Coast and varied terrain. South Carolina offers a birdwatching location for every birder, from coastal areas to the Blue Ridge … Read more