Discover 11 Woodpeckers in South Dakota you can observe

Woodpeckers in South Dakota

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds you can observe throughout the year in South Dakota. They are known for their distinctive beaks and unique drumming calls, and spotting them in action can be a thrilling experience for backyard birdwatchers.  Eleven woodpeckers of South Dakota can be seen throughout the year. Of the eleven woodpeckers in South Dakota, … Read more

25 Delightful Backyard Birds of South Dakota to watch

Backyard Birds of South Dakota

If you’re lucky enough to live in the great state of South Dakota, you’re probably familiar with some of its many backyard birds. From songbirds to raptors, a wide variety of birds can be found in backyards across the state. Thanks to its diverse habitats, South Dakota is an excellent place for backyard birding. The … Read more