12 Remarkable Hummingbirds in Texas you can attract

Hummingbirds of Texas

Hummingbirds in Texas bring vibrant energy and beauty to the state’s landscapes. With their iridescent feathers and mesmerizing flight, these tiny birds capture the hearts of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.  Whether you are exploring the landscapes of Texas, strolling through lush gardens, or gazing out from your backyard, the opportunity to encounter a hummingbird … Read more

14 Hooty-ful Owls In Texas to see and hear

Owls of Texas

The Owls of Texas hold a mysterious and captivating allure for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike. These nocturnal creatures add a charming touch to Texas’ already diverse wildlife. Whether exploring the dense forests, venturing into the arid plains, or listening to their calls under the starry night sky, encountering an owl in Texas is a … Read more

6 Awesome Falcons In Texas to spot

Falcons of Texas

Falcons in Texas grace the skies with their swift and agile flight, captivating birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts across the state. Known for their remarkable speed and striking aerial displays, these birds of prey are a sight to behold.  Residents can spot six species of falcons in the state throughout the year. From the majestic Peregrine … Read more

17 Powerful Hawks In Texas to look for

Hawks Of Texas

Hawks in Texas command attention and inspire awe among birdwatchers across the state. With their impressive hunting and keen eyesight, these magnificent birds of prey dominate the Texas skies.  Whether exploring the vast plains, hiking through the rugged canyons, or observing from the comfort of your backyard, the chance of encountering a hawk in Texas … Read more

14 Exciting Woodpeckers in Texas to see and hear

Woodpeckers of Texas

Woodpeckers in Texas are some of the most fascinating and unique birds to observe. With their distinctive drumming sounds and impressive acrobatic abilities, these birds are a joy to watch and identify.  From the tiny Downy Woodpecker to the massive Pileated Woodpecker, Texas is home to a wide variety of woodpecker species that are sure … Read more

27 Common Backyard Birds of Texas to spot

Texas Backyard Birds

Texas is known for its diverse bird population. From the red-tailed hawk to the Carolina wren, a wide variety of birds can be found in Texas backyards. This abundance of species is due, in part, to the state’s varied habitats. From the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country, Texas has something to offer every type … Read more