4 Stunning Hummingbirds in Washington State to attract

Hummingbirds in Washington State

Hummingbirds in Washington State are delightful and vibrant species that capture the attention of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. These tiny birds are a fascinating sight to see with their iridescent feathers and unique hovering flight.  Whether exploring the forests, gardens or simply observing from your backyard, encountering a hummingbird in Washington State is a joyful … Read more

15 Haunting Owls in Washington State you can hear and see

Owls of Washington State

The Owls in Washington State cast an air of mystery and wonder over the region’s diverse landscapes. With their silent flight and haunting hoots, these nocturnal creatures captivate the imagination of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.  Whether exploring the dense forests, venturing into the remote wilderness, or listening for their calls under the night sky, encountering … Read more

5 Impressive Falcons in Washington State You Can Spot

Falcons of Washington State

Falcons in Washington State grace the skies with speed and agility, catching the eyes of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts across the region. With their sleek bodies and impressive hunting skills, these birds of prey are a genuinely magnificent sight. Residents can spot five species of falcons in the state throughout the year. From the iconic Peregrine … Read more

10 Impressive Hawks in Washington State

Hawks of Washington State

Hawks in Washington State are a sight to behold, captivating birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts with their majestic presence. With their powerful talons and keen hunting skills, these birds of prey dominate the skies of the Evergreen State.  Whether you’re exploring the rugged mountain ranges, hiking through the lush forests, gazing out over the coastal cliffs, … Read more

12 Exciting Woodpeckers of Washington to see and hear

Woodpeckers in Washington

If you’re a birdwatcher in Washington state, chances are you’ve encountered some of the fascinating woodpecker species that call this region home. From the iconic Pileated Woodpecker to the elusive Black-backed Woodpecker, the Woodpeckers of Washington offer diverse colors, sounds, and behaviors to observe and enjoy.  What Are The Most Common Woodpeckers In Washington State? … Read more

27 Exciting Backyard Birds of Washington you can Spot

Washington Backyard Birds

Washington is an excellent place for bird watching because it has diverse species of birds. The state has mountains, forests, and prairies that offer a variety of habitats for birds. Additionally, Washington is located along the Pacific flyway, making it a popular stopover location for migratory birds. So why are so many different types of … Read more