Discover These 8 Exciting Woodpeckers in Wisconsin

Woodpeckers in Wisconsin

Woodpeckers in Wisconsin are some of the most fascinating and unique birds in the state. These birds are famous for their distinct tapping sounds and are found in various habitats across Wisconsin, from urban parks to deep forests.  What Are The Most Common Woodpeckers In Wisconsin? The most common woodpeckers in Wisconsin include the Downy Woodpecker, Red-bellied … Read more

25 Exciting Backyard Birds of Wisconsin to watch

Backyard Birds of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an excellent place to bird watch. Many different types of birds can be seen in the badger state, from songbirds and woodpeckers to raptors, many of which can be considered common backyard birds of Wisconsin. One of the things that makes Wisconsin such a great place for birding is its variety of habitats. … Read more