7 Interesting Backyard birds that like shiny things

Birds that like Shiny Things

It is no secret that some birds are attracted to shiny objects. But did you know there are at least seven different types of birds that like shiny things? They range from the Bowerbird, which collects shiny objects for its bower, to the American Crow, which will investigate anything with a glint. This blog post … Read more

Unveiling their Secrets: Where Do Birds Go at Night?

Like many birdwatchers, you’ve probably marveled at the beauty and diversity of the feathered creatures that visit your bird feeders and baths during the day. But have you ever wondered what happens to these birds when the sun goes down? Where do birds go at night? Do they disappear into thin air, or do they … Read more

What do baby birds eat? What to feed them and what to Avoid

What do baby birds eat

A wild baby bird’s natural diet includes insects, worms, and small vertebrates such as mice, lizards, or amphibians provided by their parents in the nest. If you come across a baby bird in the wild, you may ask yourself, what do baby birds eat when considering whether to help and feed them. Before you do, … Read more

Why Do Birds Chirp At Night? 8 surprising Reasons

Why Do Birds Chirp at Night

Most people are familiar with birds chirping in the morning, but few know why they might hear birds chirping at night. Some bird species are very active at nighttime, and nocturnal vocalizations are common. So why do birds chirp at night, then? Birds chirp at night for a variety of reasons. Some do it to … Read more

What do Pigeons Eat in Rural and Urban Areas?

Pigeons are a ubiquitous sight in urban areas and cities, and they seem to be attracted to all sorts of food. What do pigeons eat? Well, that’s what this post is for!  This guide will talk about the different types of food that make up a pigeon’s diet in the wild and those they can … Read more