7 Interesting Backyard birds that like shiny things

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Birds that like shiny things

It is no secret that some birds are attracted to shiny objects. But did you know there are at least seven different types of birds that like shiny things?

They range from the Bowerbird, which collects shiny objects for its bower, to the American Crow, which will investigate anything with a glint.

This blog post will list seven birds that exhibit this type of Bird Behavior.

Birds that like shiny things

  1. Jackdaw
  2. Bowerbird
  3. Magpie
  4. Blue Jay
  5. American Crow
  6. Mynah
  7. Burrowing Owl

7 Types of Birds that like shiny objects

1. Jackdaw

Jackdaws are omnivorous birds found in Europe (British Isles), Asia, and North Africa. They are also one of the few bird species observed sharing objects and foods with other members of their Jackdaw group.

Jackdaws are known to collect shiny things. Jackdaws’ love for bright and reflective objects is often attributed to their intelligence. They like to use their intelligence as a way of communicating with other members of their group.

Although it is not documented, it could be believed that they share any shiny objects they find with other members of their group.

The more intelligent they are, the more likely they’ll want something shiny too. But this isn’t always true: some less intelligent birds will still collect glittery items because they like how it looks or because it’s pretty in color.

2. Bowerbird

The Bower bird is another type of bird that’s attracted to shiny things. Bowerbirds are omnivorous and most commonly found in New Guinea and Australia and have the unusual habit of decorating their bowers, which is a nest it builds for mating purposes.

They have been known to decorate these nests with brightly colored pebbles and stones.

The male birds will collect these items from all over, bring them back to their nest and carefully arrange them in a symmetrical pattern.

Bowerbirds are known for their incredible attention to detail when it comes to building and decorating bowers.

They spend hundreds of hours carefully arranging the objects they find to perfectly align everything, which provides an intriguing contrast with how quickly these birds reproduce.

3. Magpie

Magpies are black and white birds that can be found in North America, Asia, and Europe and are the most well-known type of bird for their affinity to shiny objects. 

They are naturally curious species, so they investigate anything that catches their eye, and a glint from something shiny is no exception.

However, this does not mean they like to steal or collect a shiny object and prefer to move on to food once their curiosity is satisfied. 

In some cultures, the Magpie is considered a bad omen because it’s associated with thievery, but that’s not the case. The “Thieving Magpie” is just one of many curious birds who like shiny objects and will investigate when they catch their eye.

4. Blue Jay

Blue Jays can be found in Eastern and Central United States to Southern Canada. Its predominantly blue body characterizes it with a white chest and black U-shaped collar.

The Blue Jay is another bird that likes shiny things and has been known to pick up any item it can find, including coins – which they use in its nests for decoration and protection against predators.

Because this species is so well-known for picking up shiny things, many people believe that blue jays are stealing their neighbor’s shiny item, but that isn’t the case.

They are simply looking for something to eat and are attracted to colorful objects, so they tend to investigate them.

5. American Crow

Crows are large, predominantly black birds that can be found throughout North America. American Crows are also one of the types of birds that like shiny things.

This species has been known to pick up anything reflective such as coins, wrappers, and bottle caps.

It is, however, a common misconception that they like to steal or collect shiny objects, and their interest in shiny things is more curiosity than anything else. 

Despite how easy it is to tell when a crow has found something new, don’t go out of your way looking for these items because you might disturb the bird.

It’s best to give them their space and let them do what they need to so that you can enjoy watching these types of birds in your backyard.

6. Mynah

The Mynah bird is most natively found in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Indonesia but have had a growing population in South Florida in more recent years.

Mynahs are another type of bird that like shiny objects and have been known to pick up bottle caps. Just like other types of birds on this list, mynahs will often decorate their nests with these items, but they’re also very protective about them.

These beautiful songbirds originate in Asia and Africa – and are commonly spotted in backyards close to the suburbs.

7. Burrowing Owl

Burrowing owls are found from Midwest North America to Mexico and can be identified by their round heads and long legs.

As the name suggests, these owls burrow underground and can be seen perched at the entrance to their burrow during the daylight hours.

The Burrowing Owl is another type of bird that’s attracted to shiny things. This species has been known to pick up anything from mirrors and glass to coins or bottle caps.

These birds are actually quite small in size but very territorial, which is why they tend to be less afraid of humans. They tend to collect shiny things for their burrows and collect anything shiny enough to catch their eye.

You’re much better off leaving these owls alone and giving them their space because there’s nothing wrong with them collecting colorful objects like bottle caps or coins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do birds like shiny things?

There are three main reasons why birds like shiny things. The first reason is that they think it might be food, so they want to bring it back to their nests or use it as decoration.

Another reason that some bird species pick up items like coins and bottle caps is to build their nests – which means these things will often be used as decoration.

Lastly, some birds like picking things up and carrying them around for fun.

What is the best way to discourage a bird from collecting shiny objects?

The best way to discourage a bird from gathering shiny objects is by removing those items completely. This may mean hiding your valuables or moving specific outdoor decorations somewhere else. Still, it’s the only way to ensure that you won’t have any problems with birds who like shiny objects.

Do all types of birds like shiny objects?

No, not all birds like shiny objects. Shiny objects can actually be used to keep birds away from areas such as your porch or patio.

Some birds, such as crows or mynahs, actually prefer shiny objects, which means they won’t be deterred so easily.

Should I go out looking for these things in my backyard?

No, it’s not a good idea to go out looking for these things in your backyard. You’re better off leaving the birds alone and letting them collect whatever they like. There is nothing wrong with having bottle caps or coins as decoration, after all.

Why do crows like shiny things?

Crows like shiny things because they most often catch the bird’s eye. Crows are naturally curious and will tend to investigate items to figure out what they are.

Keep an eye out for birds that like shiny things!

Birds like shiny objects for various reasons, such as using them to build their nests or thinking they might be food.

Different species of birds are attracted to different types of shiny items, and it’s best to let them do their thing without disturbing them. With patience and respect, you can enjoy watching your feathered friends collect their treasures in your backyard.

Let us know if you have some experience watching birds collecting shiny things! We would love to share your experience with our readers!

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