Can birds eat cat food? Is it beneficial or harmful to our feathered friends?

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Can birds eat cat food

Cat food is formulated to be healthy and nutritious for cats, but you may have noticed that some birds will happily eat leftover cat food when given a chance. So, can birds eat cat food, or should you prevent it?

Can birds eat Cat food?

Yes, technically, birds can eat cat food, but this does not mean they should! Cat food is not toxic for birds but is not a healthy substitute for a balanced diet. The quality of the cat food plays a role in whether it benefits birds or fills them with empty calories. Dried cat food is generally acceptable for birds, but wet cat food should be avoided because of its high protein and fat content.

From our research, we have learned that not all cat food is suitable for all birds and that you should do so with care if you serve cat food to birds.

Just because a food item is not toxic to birds does not necessarily mean it is good for them to eat.

While we don’t recommend cat food as a substitute for regular bird food, we will cover some precautions when allowing birds to eat cat food and the possible dangers of over-feeding.

Is Cat Food Good Or Bad For Birds?

Wild birds may approach your cat’s food bowl to eat scraps and leftover food that your cat dropped while eating or did not want to eat.

Does this behavior mean that cat food is good for birds to eat, or should this behavior be discouraged in birds?

Some pet bird owners may even notice parrots and parakeets hopping over to the cat’s bowl in the kitchen to help themselves to a few snacks.

Before we can safely determine whether cat food is good or bad for birds, we must distinguish between the two main cat food types because most people feed their cats a combination of dry and wet cat food.

Is Dry Cat Food Good For Birds?

Dry cat food is a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, formulated to keep cats healthy.

Many dry cat food products also incorporate cereals as filler material that have lower nutritional value but make the animal feel full after eating.

It is generally safe for birds to eat dry cat food, and they can benefit from the vitamins and minerals included in the pellets.

As long as it’s high-quality cat food and the quantity the birds eat is kept to a minimum, dry food should not harm birds.

Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Birds?

Wet cat food is composed of meat and fish and is high in protein and fats. Wet food is a tasty treat for your cat, but it is not suitable for most birds.

Birds with omnivorous diets or that only eat insects can tolerate wet cat food, which may add some nutritional benefits for the birds.

The main problem with wet cat food is its high-fat content, which can cause diarrhea in birds or cause them to gain a lot of weight.

Seed-eating birds should not be allowed to eat wet cat food, as it can disrupt their digestive system, causing dangerous complications, including diarrhea that could be fatal.

Generally, it would be best if you prevented all birds from eating wet cat food to avoid harming our feathered friends.

Should You Allow Wild Birds To Eat Cat Food?

Most wild birds instinctively know what food items are good for them and what food they should leave alone.

You may find a variety of wild birds picking over the leftover food in your cat’s bowl. Birds that are insect or mixed feeders will eat the dry cat food and scraps of the wet cat food if left out.

Seed-eating birds usually focus on eating the dry cat food out of the bowl.

While you can’t control what wild birds do, you can control their access to cat food.

Limiting the amount of leftover food or removing the leftover cat food from the bowl is generally a good practice to protect wild birds from harm.

Can You Give Cat Food To Pet Birds?

Most domesticated pet birds are in the seed, nut, and fruit-eating groups of birds. The bird’s diet consists of various food types to get the right balance of nutrients best for the bird’s overall health.

Dry cat food can provide some of these nutrients, but many will need more quantities for this food to become a regular part of the bird’s diet.

There is nothing wrong with giving your pet bird a pellet or two of cat food, as long as it is not a replacement for any other food in the diet or delivered to the bird too often.

Wet cat food should not be given to pet birds since most pet birds typically have a seed, nut, or fruit diet. The high protein and fat content can cause serious digestive problems in these birds.

Dangers Of Feeding Cat Food To Birds

There are some dangers associated with feeding cat food to birds that you should consider besides being a non-natural food source.

Too much Cat food can lead to an Imbalance of Vitamins

Large quantities of imbalanced food for the birds can lead to too much of some vitamins and minerals and not enough of others, causing the bird’s health to suffer.

Dry Cat food can be a Choking Hazard

Dry cat food pellets are smaller than dry dog food but can still pose a choking risk for smaller birds. If you must, it is best to crush the cat pellets before offering them to smaller birds. You can also wet the food slightly to make it softer so the birds can break it up themselves and avoid severe choking.

Birds can Overeat

Too much cat food may fill the bird to the point that it does not eat its natural food, ultimately leading to health and digestive problems.

Birds can be prey for cats

A significant risk for birds eating from your cat bowl is that they may become prey for your cat. Domestic cats are incredibly efficient hunters and may hunt birds eating from the food bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can birds eat dried cat food?

Yes, most birds can eat dried cat food in small amounts. However, it should not be a regular part of the bird’s diet.

Can birds eat wet cat food?

Birds can physically eat wet cat food, but it should not be offered to birds freely. The high-fat content can cause digestive problems in birds and could even lead to death. 
Wet cat food should never be given to pet birds or wild birds as part of the bird’s regular diet. If you care about your pet or wild birds, you should also do your best to prevent them from eating wet cat food left out for your cat.

Can parrots eat cat food?

Parrots can eat cat food as long as it is dried, given in moderation, and should not be a replacement for their natural diet. Parrot owners should avoid giving wet cat food to their birds due to the risk of digestive problems.

Is cat food harmful to birds?

Cat food can harm birds if given in large quantities or as a replacement for the bird’s natural diet. Cat food can also pose a choking hazard for smaller birds. Wet cat food should be avoided due to its high-fat content. Additionally, birds eating from a cat food bowl may become prey for cats.

So, Can birds eat cat food?

Most birds can eat dry cat food, but it should not be freely given to birds as a substitute for a bird’s natural diet. Dry cat food is not toxic to birds but does not represent a healthy diet option for birds either.

While we don’t recommend it, cat food can be given to birds in moderation as a treat rather than a dietary replacement.

Humans should avoid giving wet cat food to birds, and you should generally prevent birds from eating it if you can. The high fat and protein content can cause digestive harm to the birds.

If you have any experience with birds eating cat food or have some great ways of preventing birds from eating cat food, let us know!

We would love to hear your feedback and what you noticed about the effect, if any, on your birds. Please share your experience with us so we can all learn together!

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